Look out for me. I break hearts.

I'm Rachel (formerly misswednesdayaddams). Third-wave feminist because intersectionality is real. Queer as fuck. I'm easily distracted and will probably tell you the same story about 8 times (some of that is the slight memory loss, some of it is just my enthusiasm for telling stories). White, cisgender, she/her pronouns. I post a lot of selfies because it's fun (and why not?).

I also have a lot of heart problems and surgeries and a heart transplant and will probably tell you all about it.

I am collecting Goosebumps books (I've got about 30 of the original 62, along with some special editions).

I have a cute dog named Mitzy. She is the shit.

Oh, and my other blog, devoted to bringing attention to the "Nice Guys" of the internet.

WTFNice Guys.tumblr.com

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